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General Information about the Savanna Breed:
​Savanna goats have solid white hair with black skin pigmentation. They are a very hardy breed of meat developed by the Cillers family of Douglas, South Africa. The Cillers started selecting for solid white meat goats in 1957.

The Savanna Goat Society of South Africa was formed in 1993 at which time a breed standard was drawn up, and the society joined the South African Studbook Association. Savanna goats are hardy, heat and drought tolerant, and breed the year around. They were first imported into the United States by Jurgen Schulz in 1995. They were a small part of a large shipment of 500 animals, mostly Boer goats. The entire herd of thirty-four Savanna goats was dispersed through the Kifaru Exotic Sale Barn in Lampasas, Texas, on December 5th, 1998. 

This information in this table is from the Schulz Kifaru sale and was compiled with lots of help from J. Webb​​


​​​​Pedigree International was formed a year and a half later. They register Savanna goats and publish a directory of breeders with contact information.



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