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Savanna X Boer

The most crucial part of any meat goat operation is the selection of a herd sire (remember he is 1/2 of your herd).  A high quality buck can produce high quality kids even if the doe is average.  We believe that a Savanna buck will immediately improve your goat herd.  
Boer breeders are adding the Savanna goat into their herd to create a bigger, healthier, more disease and parasite resistant hybrid.  
Savanna X Kiko 
Kiko breders have chosen to add a Savanna sire with the thought of crossing the two hardiest meat goat breeds.  Savanna's are thick and meaty, so a buck from a proven fast growing bloodline will produce offspring that tend to gain weight at about the same rate as their sire.
Savanna X Saanen 
Crossing the best of meat and dairy.  Cross kids will grow faster (plenty of milk) and will be bigger than a pure dairy kid.
3DS Elvis
Sire: MM Cheyenne
Dam:  3DS Ellie​​
3DS Megan
Sire:  Y25 (Comanche)
Dam:  3DS Hedi​​