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We will welcome our first babies  
February 2018
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Our farm is a small family-run operation.  This allows us time to watch and evaluate the goats as they grow and mature.  Our goats are treated kindly and are raised friendly.  We rotate our goats every 30 days through our pastures and woodlots allowing them fresh forage.  Our goal is to produce the best quality Savanna breed stock at a reasonable price.  We have carefully selected bloodlines that go back to original import animals. Click on our Savanna History tab for details.  We also take great care in managing our herd and our land. 
We Made the News!!

Article on the Savanna goat breed and some pictures of our goats.​

Ranch and Rural Living - September 2014 - page 25​

​Meat Goat Monthly News - October 2014 - page 9
Article on the Savanna goat breed
Leo Deutsch
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Prague OK 74864​​
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*Please note: ALL of our goats meet the Savanna Standards set forth by The Savanna Goat Society of South Africa which formed in 1993.  
Descendants of the Original Savanna Goats
***We are excited to announce that will be offering kids from the best of the ORIGINAL savanna bloodlines through embryo transplant this spring.  You can read more about what we will be doing on our embryo transfer tab above or click here.